Establish your company in the United Arab Emirates
with Kyria Services LTD experts.

Why the UAE?

Key benefits at a glance:

  • Ranked 1st in World Bank’s Global ‘Easy of Doing Business’ listings
  • 100% of foreign ownership permitted
  • Favorable tax rates and regime
  • Developed investment banking and financial sectors
  • Business environment for FinTech, IT, Trading, Logistic and other companies
  • Attractive requirements and costs to obtain UAE work permit or residence visa
  • Requirement to stay 183 days only for Tax Residency obtaining
  • Opportunity to mix different activities in one license

Each emirate, free zone and federal government has its own rules and regulations for setting up and running a company in the UAE. It is always advisable to seek expert advice from a Dubai corporate services provider. We know the specifics of each free zone and work only with trusted ones.

At Kyria Services LTD, you will receive boutique solutions from a single source:

  • UAE local company formation according to your business needs
  • Free zone business setup for international activity purposes
  • Business relocation and redomicilation to the UAE
  • Support in obtaining different types of UAE visa
  • Corporate and private bank accounts opening
  • Selection of real estate for investment in the UAE
  • Substance and warehouses top offers for our clients
  • Support in obtaining tax residency status
  • VAT tax return filing and submission
  • ESR (Economic Substance Regulations) filing and submission
  • Accounting and audit with certified experts

By providing all the support you need throughout the set-up process, we give you value for money. Our customers from all over the world always receive a high-quality service. 

There are no hidden costs, and our process is fast, secure, and efficient. Our company formation consultants provide qualified company formation advice for your business with experience in the formation of various business activities without any hassle for our clients.

Apply for UAE company registration, visa and bank account online by scheduling an appointment with a Kyria Services expert!