Family Office Services

We offer a Complete Investment Administration, investment accounting for family office and High net worth individuals (HNWI).

We give you access to innovate tools and services for family offices and HNWI offering a comprehensive consolidated reporting across banks, custodians and currencies. This gives you a full view of your asset classes, expenses and costs. We help family office to be agile, transparent and effective through designed technology, app and dashboards.

Our family office services is built around and structured by:

  • Performance Measurement
  • Compliance reporting
  • Risk Analysis of investment cost
  • Cash overview
  • Ad hoc reporting

Advisory Services

Helping you build a successful, resilient business. Our team of subject-matter experts, offering objective practical, results driven advice to your needs and stage of growth.
Our solutions are designed to equip you with the knowledge on:

  • Fund management
  • Financial management
  • Digital transformation
  • Assurance
  • Mergers and Acquisition

Corporate Services

We provide alternate compliance officer services and banking services by supporting day to day financial needs of your company. We provide a tailored solution for you and your business.

  • We act as a alternate compliance office CO to ensure the continuity of an A compliance Function during the period when the compliance officer’s position is vacant or absence.
  • Monitoring on going transactions to identify high risks unusual and suspicious transactions.
  • Administration Management and registered services.
  • We keep your personal and business transactions separate.
  • Easily make and receive business payments of your company.

Real Estate Planning

Tax and estate advisory

Access specialized expertise to structure, preserve and optimize your wealth. Our commercial real estate team has been actively helping clients build and maximize the returns from their property portfolio for over 30 years. With our deep local knowledge and industry network, we can provide you with the resources you need to make your next commercial real estate move a success.

  • Commercial property purchases and sales
  • Real estate finance
  • Security on real estate
  • Commercial leasing
  • Joint ventures
  • Landlord & tenant
  • Commercial property management