Set up your business in Bahrain:
A Gateway to Investing in the Middle East

Why Bahrain?

Key benefits at a glance:

  • Strategic location at the crossroads of major trade routes connecting the east and the west with access to the Middle East and African markets
  • Bahrain corporate income tax rate is zero percent (0%). The Kingdom also does not impose personal income tax
  • A well-developed infrastructure with excellent transport and communication facilities
  • Diverse and talented workforce with significant benefits in hiring local human capital
  • Free zone company set up with less restrictive regulations and lower company formation costs
  • Bahrain strongly promotes private sector growth by permitting 100% foreign ownership in in most sectors and income repatriation
  • The Kingdom offers several Bahrain residence permits (Golden Visa which is open to both residents and non-residents.
  • Excellent communication and transport facilities
  • No wealth or capital gains taxes as well as various tax exemptions
  • Duty-free access to GCC member states for Bahrain-manufactured products
  • The most competitive GCC country in terms of annual cost of living, with Bahrain’s cost of living being lower than 23% than the regional average.

Bahrain, the first GCC country with depleted oil reserves, diversified early on by encouraging private enterprise. Non-oil GDP in Bahrain already exceeds 80%. Bahrain encourages private sector development by allowing 100% foreign ownership and income repatriation. The entire Kingdom functions as a large Free Zone.

It is always advisable to seek expert advice from a Bahrain company incorporation in provider. We know the specifics of each free zone and work only with trusted ones.

At Kyria Services LTD, you will receive boutique solutions from a single source:

  • Bahrain company formation as per your business needs
  • Bahrain free zone company set up for international activity
  • Relocation and redomicilation of businesses to Bahrain
  • Assistance in obtaining various types of Bahrain residence permits and visas
  • Opening of corporate and private bank accounts
  • Tier-1 real estate or land investment options in Bahrain
  • Top substance and warehousing offers for our customers
  • Assistance in acquiring corporate tax status
  • VAT return filing for Bahrain activities
  • Filing and submission of ESRs (Economic Substance Regulations).
  • Accounting, reporting and auditing by licensed professionals

By providing all the support you need throughout the set-up process, we give you value for money. Our customers from all over the world always receive a high-quality service. There are no hidden costs, and our process is fast, secure, and efficient.

Our company formation consultants provide qualified company formation advice for your business with experience in the formation of various business activities without any hassle for our clients.

Apply for Bahrain company registration, visa and bank account online by scheduling an appointment with a Kyria Services expert!