At Kyria Services we offer advise and handle all aspects of Shipping Services. Our professional staff has extensive knowledge and expertise in the shipping industry.

Our skilled team is dedicated to aiding you and organizing your shipping paper as quickly as possible, and they are well-versed in Cyprus legislation and procedures.  

Cyprus is an important shipping and ship management centre, and it will strengthen its position in the global economy by maintaining and developing its great marine infrastructure, fair tax policy, and competitive ship registration and financing.

The tax savings, together with the economic and other perks available, such as the excellent infrastructure, make Cyprus an ideal choice for shipowners, charterers, and shipmanagers.


Our areas of practice in the Shipping Industry:

  • Tax planning, structuring and restructuring (legal, finance
    and operational structure)
    • Registration of shipping companies (shipowning,
    charterers or shipmanagement)
    • Registration of holding and/or finance companies
    • Ship registrations, deletions, transfers and mortgages
    • Maintenance and full compliance services of Cyprus
    registered companies
    • Audit and assurance related services (IFRS technical
    • Floatation of shipping groups
    • Operations and quality management for obtaining ISO
    9000 certification
    • Human resource advisory including full repatriation
    service for expatriates
    • Payroll services and accounting outsourcing
    • Provident fund services
    • Business advisory services (corporate finance, valuations,
    mergers & acquisitions)

The Department of Merchant Shipping (DMS) has been in operation since 1963 and is now a separate institution within the Ministry of Communication and Works; a specialised department that provides a devoted service to the shipping sector.


The DMS is in charge of the development of maritime activities such as: 

  • Registration of ship
  • Control of Cyprus flag vessels in terms of safety, security, pollution prevention, qualifications of seafarers, and living and working conditions of seafarers
  •  Inspection/surveys of foreign flag vessels in Cyprus ports
  • Control and certification of coastal passenger and high-speed craft
  • Administration and enforcement of Merchant Shipping Laws
  • Control of ships and enforcement of international conventions ratified by the Government of Cyprus
  • Investigating accidents involving Cyprus ships or seafarers serving on those ships or foreign ships sailing within the Republic’s territorial waters
  • Resolving labour disputes on board Cyprus ships
  • Training, certification, and registration of seafarers
  • Promotion and further development of Cyprus as a maritime centre and an international registry
  • International relations, participation in international organisations, bilateral agreements, and cooperation with other countries’ maritime authorities
  • Publishing of circulars and informational publications to keep the marine industry informed
  • It has offices in Piraeus, London, Rotterdam, New York, Hamburg, and Brussels to ensure more efficient operation and effective control.

To guarantee that your immigration application is processed successfully, our professionals will oversee the process until it is completed.

We create tailor-made solutions that help you simplify the complexities of your shipping affairs.